Sunday, January 25, 2009


Communication is a form of interaction between humans to convey messages of different kinds. Messages can be structured to inform, convince and can even function as a medium for people to form bonds and judge other individuals. Thus, having effective communication is important to attain these goals and create good reputations.

Observers are able to judge the speaker’s characteristics and evaluate his capabilities through communication. For example in a job interview, questions are being asked to assess the interviewee if he or she is suitable to be a member of the company. In this case, effective communication comes in handy for him to convince the interviewer of his or her capabilities. Therefore having effective communication skills is an advantage to individuals.

Through communication, one can also educate others. For an example in an interactive seminar where the speaker is to deliver a talk and to answer queries from the audience, both the speaker and audience interacting are to have effective communication skills to optimize the time spent and gain as much information as possible.

In addition, effective communication skills may also prevent misunderstanding and clarify doubts. For example in a debate, two speakers may have two very different opposing views. Without effective communication, anyone may easily offend the other party and this may leads to confusion.

In conclusion, having effective communication skills benefit individuals in many forms.



  1. Thank you, Ayu, for this post. You do a good job of explaining the importance of communication skills, in general. Your language is clear and concise.

    The only thing missing seems to be the YOU factor. Why are effective skills important for you you you?

    Love the video!

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  3. i totally agree with what you say regarding how important effective communication is and how it can benefit in different scenarios.

    The video is quite hilarious and its very cute. :)

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